““ SLX brackets include important design enhancements to improve tooth control and as such, will enable clinicians to take their SL cases to the next level.””
Dr. Dave Paquette - DDS, MS, MSD
““The switch from Damon® to Carriere has been a big win in simplicity, cost, chair time, and treatment outcomes.””
Dr. John Stieber - DDS, PS
““Shifting to the Carriere Motion 3D Appliance has been one of the most significant treatment advances I have implemented over the past 5 years…I have been able to reduce the overall treatment time and significantly reduce the time that my patients are in braces…I have much happier patients…that are much more willing to share their positive experience with their friends and co-workers.””
Dr. Ron Maddox - DDS
““After 10 years in the United States market, the Carriere Motion 3D has become a staple for Class II correction in many orthodontic offices. The reason for this can be explained by looking at what I call The Five E’s.””
Dr. Clark Colville - DDS
““The SLX Bracket System has the features to provide clinicians with greater efficiency, better finishes, and a lower price…I couldn’t be happier.””
Dr. Michael Ragan - DDS
““The Carriere Motion 3D Clear Appliance has proven to be perfect for my patients with high aesthetic demands. The Clear Motion 3D has allowed me to significantly reduce the number of clear aligner trays per patient, almost in half, plus it maintains its clarity throughout treatment. I couldn’t be happier… I have faster results, lower overall costs, and a Class II solution for all patients.””
Dr. Francesco Garino -

Doctor Success Stories

    We have begun to use the Carriere on the adults with Class II occlusions. No one wants extractions, which is the main alternative. This can really differentiate an office. I think dentists are more likely to refer to an office that is doing something different. I am seeing results here too in the adult patients. Results maybe a little slower, but just the same, extraction mechanics is fraught with negative side effects….tipping of teeth, periodontal considerations, etc. Plus, if I can treat more adult cases with a Carriere I can then treat most with Invisalign. Though we are an Elite provider of Invisalign, I still have not treated a patient with bicuspid extractions with Invisalign. There is simply less stress involved in treating patients with a Carriere and then Invisalign. I just checked my overhead. Through June it is 45.11% for the year. The McGill Advisory puts most orthodontists at 58 to almost 60% Conservatively, every 10 years I get one extra years pay over most orthodontists. The Carriere will make orthodontists money with less stress. Is there another factor to consider. Oh yeah, patients love it compared to anything else I show. (I literally show my competitions’ means for correcting Class II occlusions. That’s why I kept the forsus and Advansync models. I look forward to the day when all my patients in braces have had their occlusion corrected first.

    We have used the Carriere with early cases even in the primary dentition.  It works!  I am reluctant to treat many cases early because my stats show that generally I earn less in the early treatment (Phase I ) cases.  It is difficult to get a parents to sign up for Phase II when their insurance has been tapped.  Whenever possible, I try to do more and more treatment in one phase when all the permanent teeth are erupted.  I correct habits and crossbites in early treatment by in large.  Those are more predictable for correction, low emergencies, and most profitable.

    – Dr. Dale


    I had been a Damon user from the initial offering 15 years ago or more and have stuck with it over the years thru thick and thin. I attended all the meetings and continued to follow their advisements with time. The issues I was having was a lack of ability to finish a case to the level I desired. I made many changes as advised but it never got to the standards I wanted. I began to think I had lost my ability to finish cases and was thinking it was me and not the brackets.  Remember “it is a poor carpenter that blames his tools”. I like several of my colleagues began to finish cases by trading out Damon brackets with twins to get better finishes but what a pain in the ___!

    I decided to change to Carriere in the anterior six brackets in some of my Damon cases and found that finishing looked much better.  After several months I elected to begin most cases in Carriere and found that not only was it easier to bond cases as the brackets fitted more naturally on the teeth but I found the number of repositions dropped dramatically. Overall the cases looked much better after 6 months than in Damon cases. I feel now after using them for about 9-10 months that many cases will treat 4-6 months sooner than in Damon Treatment and look better with less work. I now feel my Mojo is back.

    For me I would not go back to Damon and I have not changed my treatment protocol for Damon treatment. Also they are less expensive. Seems like a win in simplicity, cost, time at chair, and improved treatment outcome quality. I am a converted Damon Doc. No the company did not pay me for this Endorsement.

    John W Stieber DDS