Dr. Bruce McFarlane

Dr. Bruce McFarlane graduated as a Dentist from the University of Manitoba in 1984 and as an Orthodontist from the University of Western Ontario in 1992. He is an orthodontic specialist practicing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dr. McFarlane is also a past assistant professor of graduate orthodontics at the University of Manitoba. An internationally renowned speaker for a leading fixed and clear aligner orthodontics company. He has lectured extensively throughout North America to Orthodontists, their teams, and General Dentists on a wide variety of topics since 1995, and has most recently focused on lecturing about orthodontics in Ortho Organizers’ teaching facility in Carlsbad, California. Dr. McFarlane will show you how to take more control of your treatment outcomes and obtain predictable results by implementing today’s most technically advanced orthodontic
appliances and procedures.